Upper Dublin, PA Lacrosse Club

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Our Philosophy

Upper Dublin's lacrosse history is a rich one, in part from the tremendous skills and game knowledge foundations our players receive at a young age in the Crooked Crosse program. We want our players to have fun and learn the game of lacrosse while developing into supportive teammates and positive community members.  The league hosts multiple teams at varying skill levels beginning in fifth grade so that all boys get playing time.  Our coaches rotate the boys through all positions so they get exposure to all aspects of the game.

Age Group Coaching Deliverables

Our Club's leadership is methodical about teaching the sport of lacrosse to young kids.  Embedded in our lesson plans for each practice are time-tested drills that teach the boys what they need to know to excel on the field and progress to the next level.  Our staff has developed a list of Deliverables for each age bracket.  Please view these documents and please feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions.


How we Measure Stick Skills Performance

At the end of each practice and when the season concludes, we encourage the boys to keep a stick in their hands and work on their throwing and catching.  When they don't have a partner, we tell them to throw against a wall or rebounder.  At any time there are usually three or four rebounders at Spark fields that the boys are always welcome to use.

Download our document explaining the stick handling metrics for CCLC