Upper Dublin, PA Lacrosse Club

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Welcome to the Upper Dublin Lacrosse Club!  Boys in grades 1-8, residing in (or sons of parents residing in) the Upper Dublin School District are eligible to participate in UDLC.  To register a first-time player for the UDLC spring season, please fill out the entire form. Note that the first step of the registration asks for the Guardian's information and subsequent screens request the Player's information.  All fields are required. Payment methods include credit cards through our EasyMerchant online gateway. 

Schedule / Commitment 

Grades 1-2 Intramural: Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays 600-730PM.  Local Games Saturdays ~900-1000AM

Grades 3-4 Intramural: Practice twice per week.  Local Games Saturdays ~1000-1100AM

Grades 3-4 Travel: If your son makes the travel squad, there is an additional practice (likely on Fridays) and weekend travel game

Grades 5-8 Travel: Practice twice per seek.  Travel games on Saturdays


The costs are listed below.  Please contact UDLC or your school counselor if you need financial assistance or transportation.  We will help remove any hurdles to get your son playing this great sport!

  • Grades 1-2: $145 
  • Grades 3-8: $195 
  • All Grades: All players must have a valid US Lacrosse membership number that will not expire before June 30, 2022.  UDLC’s online registration will verify your son’s US Lacrosse number and guide you to the US Lacrosse website if it needs renewal.  If you run into problems, please contact US Lacrosse here.
  • There is an early-bird discount of $10 until November 29, 2021
  • There is a multi-child discount of $25 per child.
  • There is a late fee of $25 that begins February 1, 2022.

Uniforms & Parent Spiritwear (NEW for 2022)

All players will be provided with a UDLC reversible pinnie.  Intramural players in grades 1-4 may keep this pinnie at the conclusion of the spring season.  Intramural players will not be given uniform shorts and must wear their own shorts. 

Travel players in grades 3-8 will be provided a Travel pinnie and a pair of game shorts.  At the conclusion of the season, players MUST return their travel pinnies.  They keep the shorts and use them in subsequent seasons.  Each season, they may swap shorts for a larger size at no charge.  Replacement shorts will be cost $30. 

Parent spiritwear can be purchased at upperdublinlax21.itemorder.com/sale . The online store closes February 1, 2022.  All orders will be collectively delivered in the early spring.  


All players must wear full protective equipment: Helmet, Shoulder Pads (NEW: Must meet the 2022 NOCSAE standard for cardiac protection), elbow pads, gloves, cup, mouth guard and lacrosse stick.

Note about shoulder pads - ALL players must wear shoulder pads that meet the 2022 NOCASE standard.  Unless you purchased shoulder pads for your son in the past few months, you likely have to purchase new ones.  

If your family needs accommodation for equipment costs, UDLC can help equip your son to play lacrosse.  If your son is new to lacrosse and would like to borrow equipment for a few weeks before investing in his own, UDLC can help.  Please contact David Kepniss for assistance.

Important Dates

10/24/21 - 10AM Used equipment donations at Lower Spark

1/30/22 - Fiddlestix begins for 1st graders

2/14, 2/22, 2/24/22 - Voluntary warm-up / practice for 3-8th grade

2/25- Travel Player Evaluations, Arcadia University Dome.  5/6th 600-730PM, 7/8th 730-900PM

2/26- Travel Player Evaluations, Arcadia University Dome.  5/6th 230-400PM, 7/8th 400-530PM

2/28, 3/1/22 - Practices begin for 3-8th grade

3/1/22- Travel Player Evaluations continue.  Spark Fields. 5/6th 530-700PM, 7/8th 700-830PM

3/25/22 - UDLC Spaghetti Dinner at UDHS for 3-8 grade

3/26/22- Opening Battle Tournament at Spark Fields for Travel teams

3/27/22- 1-2 Grade meet-up and Parent Lacrosse Clinic

3/28/22- 1-2 Grade practice begins


UDLC relies on volunteers for the success of its program.  If you would like to help the club with General Organization, Uniform Distribution, Snack Stand or Coaching, please contact us.  If you do not know the sport of lacrosse, we will teach you!

COVID Policies

YOUR SON'S SAFETY IS OUR UTMOST CONCERN! We have not yet established our club's COVID policy for the 2022 Spring season.  If you have any questions or concerns about UDLC's COVID policies, please contact our club's COVID representative, Dr. Michael Kowalski.

Detils about updates to the club's COVID policy will be made available prior to the spring start of the season.

Residency Eligibility & Waivers

UDLC is for residents of Upper Dublin Township.  If your son does not reside in Upper Dublin Township, it may be necessary for you to apply for a waiver from SEPYLA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association).  Apply for a waiver according to these instructions. If you sign up before then and are not granted a waiver, UDLC will refund your money. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.