Upper Dublin, PA Lacrosse Club

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Clinics, Clubs & Camps

Upper Dublin Lacrosse Club activities focus on the spring season.  However, we often offer warmups and clinics during the winter months.  Additionally, 8th graders are invited to participate with Upper Dublin High School teams in the fall tournaments held each Sunday at Spark fields.  For six weeks in the winter, UDLC hosts an indoor Fiddlestix program which introduces first-graders to the sport of lacrosse.

We want our players to improve their skills in the off-season.  For that reason, we offer the following links to local clinics, travel clubs and summer camps.  UDLC does not endorse any of these activities or organizations.  

During the spring lacrosse season from ~March 1 through June 7, UDLC activities will take priority over any other sport or private, travel-club activity.  The Township club comes first!

PhillyLacrosse.com maintains updated lists of extracurricular activities like clinics, travel clubs, camps and showcases

CAMPS: https://phillylacrosse.com/category/events/campls/  or https://phillylacrosse.com/2022/philly-boys-2022-summer-camp-listing/

EVENTS: https://phillylacrosse.com/camps/events/

2022 Camps

Visit https://phillylacrosse.com/2022/philly-boys-2022-summer-camp-listing/ for a full listing

Be Your Best Lacrosse Camp is a sponsor of UDLC and has provided discount codes (flyers distributed at season-kickoff pasta dinner)  to all players for registration.

Game Breaker Lacrosse Camps provided a discount code "UPPERD30" for UDLC players